"Antiques are the heart and soul of our company," - Rudy van Thiel, Sr.

Inspired by fine antique pieces from Europe, India, Asia and other place around the globe, VAN THIEL & CO. evolved from finding and restoring antiques to manufacturing exact replicas of the vast array of furniture, objects and art they collect.

The VAN THIEL & CO. collection represents a the family's favorite choice of furniture & accessories, well elaborated and selected. In the process of reproduction, every piece of furniture is bench-made precisely like the original, with the same solid backs and dovetail construction.


"We might imagine that a piece has been standing for centuries on the stone floor of a French home. Assuming the maid mopped every day, we have to faithfully recreate the water spotting and warping that would likely have occurred." - Rudy van Thiel, Jr.

Claw marks from animals, tiny worm holes, variations in colors due to sun exposure, and the random dents and dings that are the inevitable result of everyday use for generations - all are replicated in minute detail. It takes an artisan an entire day to perfectly place and hammer in the hundreds of hand-forged iron nails that complete the distinctive finish.